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Kaytee Thrun

GOLD - Autographed CD + Lightweight Hoodie + Canvas Art Print + Book Prop + Cover Art Print + Tote Bag + Beanie + Stickers

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GOLD - Autographed CD + Lightweight Hoodie + "Alberto Aprea" Book Art Canvas Print + Autographed Book Photo Shoot Prop + Cover Art Photography Print + Tote Bag + Cosmetic Bag + Beanie + Stickers

I am so excited to launch this Pre-Sale project to raise funds to release my first spoken word poetry audio album based on my recent book "Discarding the Rag Doll".

I want to create a perfect unforgettable experience for you and the money raised during this Pre-Sale, will assist in paying for: studio time, recording, producing, editing, scoring, photography for cover, graphic design, merch sold in this Pre-Sale, and related launch/distribution/release fees/costs.

MY goal is to raise $5,000 to be able to meet the release date of August 1, 2023 in both online streaming service platforms (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, YouTube) and in print CD.

Your support means everything to me and I hope you find a bundle full of exciting merch you will love to own! Keep in mind, all merch and art designs are a secret until release date! All we need is your size snd you will receive a fantastic surprise!

xoxo Kaytee Thrun


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